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We strongly recommend health insurance for your pet as veterinary fees can be very expensive especially if a case is ongoing or requiring investigation. It is beyond the remit of the veterinary surgery to advise on specific policies except to give general advise. We would advise when considering a policy to check the conditions. For example- length of cover per condition, dental disease cover, maximum amount insured for and if genetic and inherited conditions are covered. It is your responsibility to carefully select the policy that suits best.

It is the practice policy that accounts are settled in full and then costs reclaimed from the insurance company. The exceptions are where the insurance company will issue preauthorisation to guarantee prompt direct settlement of the account, such as with Petplan. The companies that we will facilitate 'Direct Claims' for are Petplan, Tesco and John Lewis Insurance.

Please note that should an insurance claim be refused, veterinary fees must be paid in full within 28 days, by the policy holder.