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Beech House Vets RadcliffeConsultations

We have consultations throughout the day for health check ups, first and second opinions for illness or injury, vaccinations, microchips, senior wellness checks and pre and post operative checks.

**Please note that their is a consultation fee for each vet consult.**

Nurse Clinics

We run daily nurse clinics from 1pm-3pm. Our RVN’s Nikki,Jody,Sally and Jenna will be available to provide free/reduced cost services such as weight control and nail clipping.Please ask at Reception for more details.

24 Hour Emergency Consultations

Provided by our local out of hours provider. In the event of your pet needing out of hours care and attention please ring the surgery to organise an appointment.


Vaccinations form one of the biggest parts of preventative healthcare for our pets and is strongly recommended.

Beech House Vets in RadcliffeDogs are vaccinated against Distemper Virus, Parvovirus, Leptospirosis, Infectious Canine Hepatitis Virus and Parainfluenza Virus. In addition to these, there is the Kennel Cough intranasal vaccine available against Bordatella bronchisptica and Parainfluenza Virus. The Rabies vaccine is available for pets travelling abroad.

Cats are vaccinated against Feline Herpes Virus, Calicivirus, Chlamydophilia felis, (part of cat flu disease), Feline panleucopaenia virus (feline enteritis) and feline leukaemia virus. Again, the rabies vaccine is available for pets travelling abroad.

Rabbits are vaccinated against Myxomatosis virus and Viral Haemorhagic disease.

Ferrets are vaccinated against Distemper virus.

Home visits

Please phone to organise a home visit, we will try to accommodate your wishes and aim to be available as soon as possible.


Dental Treatments

We offer preventative dental treatments for all species of small animal as well as dental surgery in the event your pet requires extractions.

  • Purpose Built Surgical Theatre
    We have two fully equipped operating theatres
  • Bespoke Xray Suite And Developing Facility
    We have a new digital x-ray and imaging suite
  • ECG
  • Endoscopy
    We have various endoscopes which enable us to do internal investigations to diagnose a variety of conditions
  • Ultrasound

We are fortunate to have a new top of the range Mylab ultrasound. This machine allows us to “look” inside the body. It is equipped to give information on the heart structures and measure the performance of the heart as well as general abdominal ultrasound. The amount of detail and picture quality is very high and allows us to view the internal structures, organs and tissues of the body.

In House Laboratory Equipment

Critical Care Monitoring And Care

We have the latest blood pressure monitoring equipment to detect early heart and hypertensive conditions as well as pulse oximetry, blood gas analysis and electrolytes. We also have infusion equipment for delivering intravenous treatments. In addition we have isolation facilities for animals that have infectious diseases.


We have separate dog kennels and cat and rabbit wards. Our new cattery is upstairs in a quiet, peaceful area of the Surgery. We also have a separate isolation ward.

Disabled Access And Facilities