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In the event of an emergency please contact the surgery, if it is in normal working hours we always do our best to prioritise your pet. The nurse will usually triage your pet on arrival to assess the urgency of the condition.

If an emergency is outside of normal surgery hours, please telephone the surgery to be directed to our local out of hours provider.

Some examples of emergencies:

  • difficulty with breathing, particularly open mouth breathing or bluish colour of the gums
  • weakness and collapse, paleness of the gums
  • continuous seizuring
  • large areas of burns
  • wounds with pulsating/squirting bleeding
  • unable to urinate especially if longer than 8-12 hours
  • paralysis
  • sudden abdominal swelling, especially if a large, deep chested breed dog
  • difficulty giving birth
  • suspect poisoning or toxin exposure
  • acute trauma such as road traffic accidents
  • acute damage to the eyes

If in doubt please contact the surgery for advice.